Our Way of Life
We cherish "Wisdom" as a virtue and our way of life. While knowledge is gathered from learning and education, wisdom is acquired through one's day to day experiences. Our school envisage creating a unique schooling journey full of experiences that would enable our scholars to make sound decisions and judgement in their everyday life. Wisdom is recognised to define and refine students' character, nurturing them into multi-talented individual, a respected citizen and leader of tomorrow. And this isn't possible without "Fortitude", the mental and emotional courage within us.

We embrace these Pillars of Wisdom in our teaching and learning as a way of life.
The Four Pillars of Wisdom
You are spiritually wise when you can easily be acquainted with facts, truths or principles, applying that knowledge into your daily life.
You are intellectually wise when you not only can solve problems but see which problems matter and which of their aspects are crucial in making good judgement.
You are physically wise when you can recognise and heed the physical experience both intrinsic and extrinsic to develop sensitivity and energy needed to be present to others.
You are emotionally wise when you can balance intellectual, physical, and emotional knowledge to make conscious choices, aware of alternatives, and be able to see other points of view thus recognising growth, ability to change in a constantly changing universe, and openness to learn.