Enrichment Activities
Although academic excellence is central to our mission, we honour equal weightage to other enrichment activities alongside academic framework right from early years. Our education approach is blended with an array of activities to stimulate and promote the growth of our students as they progress at every level. They are free to choose from a wide range of enrichment activities that best interest them. Counsellors are readily available to guide and provide counselling to match talents with what suit them the most while creating a balanced student life.

Theater, Music, Dance, Painting, Photography, Creative writing and other creative endeavors.


Basketball, Swimming, Table Tennis, Football, Futsal, Badminton, Volleyball, Netball, Squash, Gymnastics and Cheerleading.


Literary & Debating Club, New Media Club, Junior Reading Club, Junior Artist & Scientist, Hobbies, Young Scientists Club, Cookery Club, Green Club, Martial Arts.


Student Council, Prom Committee, Prefectorial Board, Librarian Board, Museum Board and others.


Rocketry, Model Railroads, Collecting, Blogging, Quilting and more.


School Radio, Yearbook Staff, School Newspaper, Newsletter, School Blogging and any other work, online or print.

Uniform Bodies

Navy Cadet, St John Ambulance, Scouts, Girl Guides and related activities.


Choral Speaking, School Band, Concert, Audio, Video and Public Address System.

Teaching of Foreign Languages

Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Tamil, French, Japanese, Spanish, Korean and more.

Volunteer Work and Community Service

Save the Environment, Recycling, Tutoring and Mentoring, Community Fund-raising, Rotary Club, Animal Rescue, and any other work that helps the community.